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Amazon launches Kindle HDX: Lighter, faster and 24/7 'mayday' support

Amazon has today launched the third generation of its Kindle Fire tablet - the Kindle Fire HDX which includes 24/7 live tech support through a dedicated 'mayday' button.

The tablet is available in 7in and 8.9in displays, both of which, as perhaps expected from the name, have beyond HD pixel density (323 ppi for 7in, 339 ppi for 8.9in), and 100 per cent sRGB colour accuracy.

Both feature a quad-core Snapdragon 800 2.2 GHz processor, making the devices three times more powerful than the previous generation and the only tablets on the market with a processor over 2 GHz.

According to Amazon, the 8.9in model, weighing in at just 13.2 ounces, is also the lightest large-screen tablet out there, as well as being 34 per cent lighter than its predecessor. Both will be available in 4G LTE ready versions.

Perhaps the most interesting development is the Mayday button, however. The free service allows any user to call into Amazon technical support at any time, any day. Pressing the button will bring up a video link to a member of the Amazon tech team who will guide the user through any problems. The firm is aiming to respond to all calls in under 15 seconds.

The Kindle Fire HDX is powered by the latest version of Fire OS - 3.0 Mojito. The platform is an Android based Amazon adaption which includes a range of Amazon services, such as X-Ray for Music, Goodreads and access to the Amazon cloud. All Android apps are still available on the devices.

The 7in version will be released in the US on 18 October starting at $229 (£143), the 8.9in will ship from 7 November starting at $379 (£237). 4G versions of both are pricier. Amazon has not said when the tablets will be available elsewhere or what the pricing will be.