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Become a social business in the cloud

The era of social business is here. Across industries, business leaders are driving initiatives that strategically integrate social collaboration tools with business processes. These leaders recognize that social tools—such as online communities and meetings, file sharing, profiles, instant messaging, and activity management—allow people to apply relevant content and expertise in new ways. As a result, these business leaders say, things can get done more quickly and effectively, potentially delivering an unprecedented return for the time invested.

social business, in essence, embraces networks of people to create business value. By using social tools to link people across today’s global, mobile business environment, an organization can deepen customer relationships, drive operational effectiveness and optimize the workforce. Once established, a social business has three core attributes. It is engaged, enabling people to establish trusted networks in which they can share ideas, information and expertise. It is transparent, allowing people to work in a security-rich environment that transcends traditional organizational boundaries. And it is nimble, speeding up business with real-time insight that fosters innovation and better business decisions.

To learn more about how your organization can become a social business using SmartCloud for Social Business services download this whitepaper below.