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Microsoft Surface Mini delayed until early 2014

Microsoft’s Surface Mini won’t see a release until next year as the company waits for a Windows 8.1 update so it can be included with the device from release.

ZDNet report that a source familiar with Microsoft’s plans stated the Surface Mini is definitely coming and that consumers will have to wait until “early 2014” for it to be released.

The same source explained that the reason for this is the Surface Mini will come preloaded with the Windows 8.1 update that is currently codenamed “Spring 2014 GDR”. The update will “align with Windows Phone Blue”, which may be renamed Windows Phone 8.1 when it’s released and is the first “major” update to Windows Phone 8 since its launch in 2012.

Few details on the Surface Mini have been released up until now with it likely the tablet will ship with a 7in or 8in screen and the slate will be ARM-based when it comes to the chipset. These are both still rumours and Microsoft is continuing to be very guarded when it comes to the small form factor version of the Surface.

Microsoft released new versions of the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets earlier this week with the company crossing its fingers that they perform better than the first versions.

The Surface 2 is dubbed “the most productive tablet for personal use” and is lighter, thinner and quicker than its predecessor. The Surface Pro 2, meanwhile, is a “true laptop replacement” and powered by an Intel “Haswell” Core i5 processor.

Microsoft used the same event to release a number of updated accessories for the entire Surface range with various types of stands and docking stations part of the new offering.

Prices for the Surface 2 start at $449 [£279] with the costlier Surface Pro 2 priced between $899 [£599] and $1,799 [£1,120] depending on the memory capacity and RAM.