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Samsung to launch smartphone with curved display in October

Samsung has revealed it will release a smartphone featuring a curved display in October.

Speaking at a launch event for the Galaxy Note 3 phablet in Seoul, Samsung mobile exec D.J. Lee said: "We plan to introduce a smartphone with a curved display in South Korea in October."

He did not say when the device will be available elsewhere.

At the CES consumer electronics trade show In January, Samsung unveiled its Youm flexible display technology in a demonstration for which a small screen was bent and folded whilst playing a video.

The curved display smartphone will be the first use of this new technology on a mass produced handheld consumer device.

It also paves the way for further developments that could lead to the evolution of a new kind of smartphone, and is particularly important for the wearables market.

Shortly before the company's Galaxy Gear was launched, another senior Samsung exec suggested that a new smartwatch featuring a flexible display may already be in development.

Other firms including LG have also developed flexible displays, but firms seem to be having trouble with manufacturing the parts needed cheaply enough for mass production.

Curved display televisions are nevertheless already available, with Samsung and LG releasing OLED TVs earlier this year - with a £7000 price tag.