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Evernote brings Post-It notes to life through 3M partnership

Evernote has signed a partnership with 3M that will see Post-It notes become searchable and sharable within the note making application.

The partnership sees Evernote introduce the Post-It camera into its latest update that means users can take photos of Post-It notes and store them inside the Evernote app. It goes further than that with the app recognising the colour, extracting and enhancing the handwriting, before finally putting it on a digital Post-It note on the app.

“At Evernote, we see the Post-It Note as infinitely useful, inspirational in design, and simple and intuitive in experience—all the things we strive for when building Evernote,” said Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote. “That Evernote can enhance the experience of such an iconic product is a real thrill. Together, we can help many millions of people be effortlessly productive.”

Notes can be sorted into lists according to colour in addition to having a due date or reminder assigned. It means that anyone using the app can make shopping lists using Post-It notes that are the same colour and Libin told the Wall Street Journal that the new feature would likely work with other company’s sticky notes.

As well as the new features, special promotional packs of Post-It notes will feature a 30-day free subscription to Evernote Premium that gives users up to 1GB of storage space.

To help augment the partnership’s success the two have also co-designed two new desktop dispensers that are designed to hold either one pack of Post-It notes or four packs depending on the dispenser size.

Evernote signed a similar partnership last year with Moleskine that saw the two produce a Smart Notebook. The Evernote Smart Notebook works in a similar way to Post-It notes in that it allows users to photograph pages when they become searchable.