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Silent Circle set to release free contact encryption app for Android

Encrypted communication specialist Silent Circle is set to launch a free app which will enable any Android user to encrypt their contact list and prevent Google from accessing it.

Speaking at a roundtable event attended by ITProPortal on Thursday, Silent Circle CEO and co-founder Mike Janke said: "We're going to release, in about 30 to 45 days, the world's first encrypted contact app for Android, and we're giving it away free because it is so pervasive, so many people have asked us how do I not share my contact list, my phone numbers, my emails with Google?

"We thought about it long and hard and it was really hard to do but our team has come up with an app that's like an encrypted container, where you can put that stuff and choose to link it to your phone, but it doesn't go into the chipset that shares it with Google. It took us a long time to figure it out," he added.

Explaining the decision to release the software free, Janke said he disagrees with Google recording, storing and using so much of it's users' data, along with the fact that the company does not advertise clearly how the data is used, with many people failing to read the detailed terms and conditions.

"I have an issue with the fact they are taking from you without your knowledge," he explained.

"Android phones are taking over the world, if you own an Android phone Google has your data, your contact list is shared with Google, you have to have a Gmail to sign up to it, even on Samsung, the fact that so much of the world is Android, Google [has everyone's data]," he said.