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O2 4G LTE services enabled on Apple iPhone 5S and 5C

Apple’s new iPhone 5S and 5C can now be used on O2’s 4G LTE network following an update that followed over a week of customers having to rely on 3G.

O2 customers that own one of the new Apple devices can access 4G by updating O2 network carrier settings on the iPhone 5C or 5S with the update able to be done by either plugging the device into a Mac or PC, or over a Wi-Fi connection, full details of which are available here.

Customers on O2 that bought one of the new devices but were unable to access 4G features will also be eligible for a £5 discount off the next bill.

The delay, which was first reported on 12 September, was reportedly down to Apple’s stringent testing procedures in place for new 4G operators and the fact O2 had to pass an independent testing procedure in California.

Rumours had pegged the approval date as November and the fact O2 is already able to offer the service to customers is a considerable weight of its mind.

O2’s 4G LTE network was only launched at the end of August and covers a number of UK cities including London, Leeds, Bradford, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Sheffield and Nottingham. Service will be launched in Liverpool, Manchester, and Edinburgh by the end of 2013 with the speed around five times faster than 3G.

The two new smartphones went on sale on 20 September in a handful of countries and were offered by O2 from release. The new devices are Apple’s best selling smartphones to date with the high spec iPhone 5S sold out in many places as stores and networks struggled to source stock. The iPhone 5C, meanwhile, lags behind the iPhone 5S in terms of sales and some countries the 5S has accounted for nine of every 10 of the new devices sold.