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Affordable GPS tracker tackles luggage loss

Luggage loss could be a thing of the past thanks to a small new GPS device that makes it easy to track where luggage has ended up and looks to help out the owners of some 23 million bags lost each year.

Bluetrack’s Prime 1300 device claims to offer almost real-time tracking from a range of smartphone and tablets thus providing travellers with significant peace of mind when it comes to luggage.

“Our GPS trackers are designed be placed inside the luggage so that in the event that it does become lost, it can be easily located and therefore recovered, no matter where they end up,” said Keith Walker, director of Bluetrack.

The tracker, which is affordable at £85, works straight from the box with the tracker’s 1300mAh battery lasting for 10 days in “Normal” mode. It also has a battery save mode feature that allows it to show anything between one and four GPS positions per day with the corresponding battery life adding up to anything from three to 12 months.

The figures on lost luggage are enough to make anyone think twice about obtaining one of the devices with almost 23 million pieces mislaid in 2012, which is 2,600 an hour and 4.6 per cent of them are never reunited with owners.

“When we fly we expect our luggage to arrive at our destination at the same time as we do, and most of the time it does. Losing luggage while travelling can be disastrous as it can ruin a holiday and cause endless problems for business travellers, especially if there are important documents, formal wear or equipment such as cameras or memory chips stored in the bag,” Walker added.

The device also benefits from 360-degree geofencing that informs the owner by SMS if the device exits the given perimeter.