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Dropbox now supports automatic screenshot-saving

Dropbox already lets you automatically upload your photos and videos to the cloud, but now the file-syncing service is getting a little friendlier with screenshots as well.

Beginning today, all the screenshots you take on your computer can be automatically saved to your Dropbox account, the company announced. On top of this, Dropbox will create a link to your screenshot and copy it to your clipboard, so you can easily share your image.

"Whether you're capturing screenshots of websites, favorite dog videos, or video calls with your buddy in São Paulo, now Dropbox can help keep your computer a little more organized," Dropbox said in a blog post.

Meanwhile, the latest version of Dropbox comes with a handy new photo importer for Mac users. The tool lets you copy all your photos from iPhoto directly to your Dropbox, creating a new folder for each of your events.

"A lot goes into keeping all your photos in one place and always having them handy to share, and we hope small improvements like these return that time to you," Dropbox said. "This way you can focus on taking photos and screenshots — and let Dropbox take care of the rest."

The update comes after Dropbox last week joined Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, and other tech giants in the fight for government transparency. The file-sharing company today filed a legal brief with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court arguing that it should have the right to publish the number of national security-related requests it receives.