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Facebook Graph Search expands it reach

Less than two months after rolling out to all English-speaking users in the US, Facebook's Graph Search now searches for status updates, posts, photo captions, check-ins, and comments.

Users could originally search only for people, photos, places, and interests; with today's performance-enhancing boost, Facebook now allows for a small subset of pilot users to find posts about their favourite TV shows, the city they visited last month, or even posts on which they've commented.

Wonder what your friends thought of last night's Dancing With the Stars episode? Just type the programme title or "Posts about Dancing With the Stars by my friends" into Graph Search to find friends' and family's insights.

Also search for posts about a specific city or place, or look for that message you know was written by someone last month, but can't pinpoint the exact date. Also look for "Posts I commented on" or "My posts from last year" if you're feeling nostalgic.

"As with other things in Graph Search, you can only see content that has been shared with you, including posts shared publicly by people you are not friends with," the company said in an announcement.

Check the social network's privacy shortcuts and Activity Log to review who can see your shared posts.

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg launched Graph Search in January, promising a product with broader search services than Google or Microsoft's Bing. The system aims to make users' individual networks more useful as tools for finding things like restaurant recommendations, places visited, and photos with shared themes or locations.