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Preview of the Intel SSD 330 120GB / 180GB

After the introduction of Intel's initially expensive SSD 520 Series, SSDs which were later reduced in price, the manufacturer now releases an even more affordable version in the shape of the SSD 330 series. With this move, Intel joins a trend of steadily decreasing prices for solid state storage.

This is a great development for consumers who would also like to enjoy the lightning fast speeds that SSDs provide, but have been hesitant thus far due to the high prices. So how does the Intel SSD 330 measure up to the SSD 520 and the rest of the SSD market? Hardware.Info reviews and compares the new arrival with the other current solid state drives.

"Price war" is a term usually reserved for grocery stores, but it seems that the world of SSDs is slowly succumbing to a price-race to the bottom. OCZ provided the opening salvo with the launch of the Petrol SSDs, models cost significantly less than £1 per GB. While the performance of the Petrol was somewhat worse than that of most SATA 600 SSDs, the price/performance ratio more than made up for that.

SSD prices have by now dropped well below the £1 per GB barrier, a trend that shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. Now chip giant Intel is jumping onto the affordable solid state juggernaut with a new series of drives, which should do nothing if not drive down prices even further and perhaps even ignite a real price war in the SSD market.

The new Intel SSD 330 series was introduced with its low price as main selling point. Now that the Crucial m4s are also available for similar prices we can definitely call this a trend, and other manufacturers will be forced to re-examine their pricing structures to avoid falling behind. You can read rest of the Intel SSD 330 120GB/ 180GB preview on