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Splunk opens .conf2013 with Enterprise 6 launch

Real-time operational intelligence specialist Splunk has kicked off .conf2013, its Fourth Annual World Users conference, by announcing public availability of its latest machine data analysis platform, Splunk Enterprise 6.

Splunk Chairman and CEO Godfrey Sullivan discussed and demonstrated Enterprise 6 during the event's opening keynote at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, saying that it was intended to demystify analytics for non-techie business users.

"Too many organisations are still struggling with a data divide between IT and the business. At Splunk, we understand that the most successful organisations in the world give equal access to the data, regardless of skill level, to drive smart decisions that have true business impact," commented Sullivan.

He added: "This is what inspired our product team to build Splunk Enterprise 6. We believe that everyone in the organisation, from the system administrator to the C-level executive, should be empowered to find that 'aha' moment. Splunk Enterprise 6 bridges the data divide and unifies IT and business users around the tremendous value and ROI to be found in machine data."

Prior to its public release, more than 350 Splunk customers and partners participated in the Enterprise 6 beta programme, including T-Mobile and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a science and technology facility managed for the US Department of Energy.

Splunk claims that Enterprise 6 is up to 1,000 times faster than previous versions of the software, and it's real selling point for many will be a trio of new functions aimed at making machine data analysis more accessible to less IT-savvy business users.

Pivot opens up the power of analytics to non-technical business users and analysts with a simple drag-and-drop interface to explore, manipulate and visualise data, while Data Models offers a representation of underlying machine data and a deeper understanding of relationships in the data for a broad base of users. Finally, High Performance Analytics Store is a patent-pending transparent acceleration technology.

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