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3CX Phone System 12: New unified corporate comms system offers unparalleled mobility

3CX's latest business communications system, 3CX Phone System 12, is a powerful solution that enables unparalleled mobility and unified communications for the corporate environment from anywhere, through any Windows, Android or iOS device.

With 3CX Phone System 12, professionals are liberated from the constraints of outmoded desktop computer based communications software that previously trapped them in the office, with users now able to make nearly any device a client of 3CX phone system.

The new release replaces and merges the existing 3CX MyPhone platform and the separate SIP clients to create one integrated multi-platform solution. 3CX is the company behind the award-winning Windows based network communications VoIP PBX phone system, 3CX Phone System, and mobile device management software, 3CX Mobile Device Manager.

"We freed the IT Administrators from the expensive, cumbersome and outdated proprietary PBXs - now 3CX is releasing users from the office and desktop with unparalleled mobility and unified communications features", commented Nick Galea, 3CX's CEO.

One of the key features included in the release is the new 3CXPhone unified app for iOS, Android and Windows. The app enables one click call conferencing, corporate instant messaging and availability status, all from a mobile device.

The 3CXPhone app also features integrated PUSH technology, easy to understand call forwarding rules, the ability to check voicemail and recordings visually, and a centralised call history accessible from both the mobile app and desktop software.

A multi-line capability allows users to manage multiple ongoing calls simultaneously through a smartphone, whilst company phone books can be integrated with Exchange or LDAP servers and personal phone books with Microsoft Outlook.

Both blind and attended call transfers can also be easily carried out through the app, which can be simply downloaded and set up in a matter of seconds.

The PUSH notification support, which enables the phone system to 'wake up' the phone when a new VoIP call comes in, provides unmatched mobility for users. This feature means that the app does not have to be constantly open on the Android or iOS device, allowing users to be reachable on their extension from anywhere, whilst saving valuable battery life.

This also cuts company call costs, as users can be reached via VoIP, removing mobile phone charges. As the calls are being sent through the 3CX Phone System, rather than the phone's network, users do not need to give out their mobile number either, ensuring a sustained level of privacy.

The app also includes a do not disturb button, the option to manually shift between in and out of the office mode and the ability to quickly switch between different accounts.

3CX Mobile Device Manager allows businesses to easily manage, secure, monitor, find and track their iOS and Android smartphones and tablets from an easy to use dashboard.

On the desktop software side of things, as well as carrying out the same functions as the app, the 3CXPhone landline controller enables users to make calls significantly faster and more simply.

The 3CXPhone CTI mode can control an IP phone, offering full integration with the software, allowing users to make calls with just a mouse click, without having to manually type in the phone number. Calls can also be transferred with a simple click, rather than having to use the often complicated and confusing IP phone interface that is different on every model.

Setting up conference calls with 3CX Phone System 12 is extremely straightforward. Again, users can set up conference calls between colleagues and external callers with just a few clicks of the mouse. A call can also be elevated to a conference call whilst it is ongoing, with users able to add other callers from their company phonebook, extensions or personal phonebook very easily.

3CXPhone is more than just a softphone, providing fully unified communications. Users can speak with colleagues through an instant messaging feature, as well as check their status before communicating with them.

Ongoing active calls can be viewed through the desktop platform with group managers able to pick up, divert, and transfer active calls, as well as interact with group members. The display screen is customisable and 3CX for Windows can limit what call information is shown to users based on extension groups.

Professionals can be given different roles in different groups - whilst a user may be a manager in one group so able to manage all calls in the group, in a different group they can be assigned as just a member.

3CX's partnership with the leading IP phone and VoIP gateway manufacturers ensures all new IP products are fully tested and validated by 3CX before their release, removing the chance of any compatibility issues.

This means the software is compatible with all standard IP phones and gateways, including the new Yealink T46G IP phone and the Welltech WellGate 2540 VoIP gateway. 3CX Phone System 12 will also soon support the budget Gigaset N720 DECT devices.

3CX Phone System is much more manageable than a standard PBX private telephone system and delivers substantial cost savings, while increasing productivity. Some of the world's leading companies and organisations already use 3CX Phone System, including Boeing, the Caterham F1 Team, Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Harley Davidson, and MIT.

3CX has been awarded Windows Server Certification, and won the Windows IT Pro 2008 Editor's Best Award, a Best Buy Award from Computer Shopper and the Gold Award.

The firm was also named an Emerging Vendor by CRN in both 2011 and 2012, whilst in 2013 it was awarded CRN's 5-Star Partner Program rating which recognises the elite subset of Partner Program Guide vendors.

3CX for Windows can be downloaded through the company's website now, where full pricing can also be found. 3CX Phone System 12 will push out Windows updates to all users automatically. The Android app is available through the Google Play app store and the iOS app through the Apple App Store.