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Apple delays sourcing iPad Mini 2 displays

Apple’s new iPad Mini could miss the Christmas sales rush with the company’s supply chain only now starting to produce the high-resolution display panels required by the slate.

People familiar with the company’s supply chain told Reuters that Apple’s suppliers have only just started gearing up to start producing the smaller sized retina display for the new iPad Mini.

A source at one supplier stated that the delay is down to Apple only certifying panel producers that conform to strict power saving requirements. LG, Samsung and Sharp are all vying to produce the displays for the new iPad Mini

As a result Apple will struggle to produce large numbers of the device before the festive period and it’s speculated that it could struggle to release the device before the close of 2013, according to the same sources.

It all points to Apple either waiting until 2014 to launch the retina display iPad Mini or bringing it to the market in small quantities before the end of the year.

Where Apple is involved price is never not discussed when it comes to new products and sources have stated that it is looking to cut costs. It will do this with a possible smaller memory device to appeal to emerging markets where it struggles to compete with cheaper Android tablets.

"Right now the iPad Mini is more expensive than everyone else in the 7- to 8-inch tablet segment. If it could reduce its price by even just $50 [£30], it would appeal to more consumers," said Arthur Liao, an analyst for Fubon Securities in Taipei, told Reuters.

Other analysts point out that this is unlikely, as the upgraded specifications elsewhere will mean the device coming in at a price similar to the current iPad Mini.

Details on the next iPad Mini are scarce and Apple is expected to add a new camera as well as the improved resolution with the new tablet sporting thinner and lighter dimensions.

Earlier rumours have pegged the new iPad Mini as having an faster A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, 1GB of RAM, an M7 coprocessor, Touch ID, and is rumoured to be following the iPhone 5S with a new gold colour-way.