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Fortscale 1.0 cyber security toolbox unveiled at Splunk .conf2013 by Israeli startup

Tel Aviv-based startup Fortscale has unveiled the first iteration of its eponymous big data cyber security product, Fortscale 1.0.

The analytics firm pulled the cloak on the new "toolbox" at Splunk .conf2013 in Las Vegas, marking the first time that Fortscale has showcased a working product in public.

"Splunk is a true pioneer and the leader in the big data ecosystem, and we couldn't have found a more appropriate venue to unveil our breakthrough big data analytics for cyber security," said Idan Tendler, CEO & co-founder of Fortscale.

He added: "Based on the results we have seen from our installations, we believe that our advanced security analytics solution gives security analysts an effective toolbox to gain intelligence about malicious or rogue users, discover advanced attacks and investigate potential security breaches."

Founded in 2012, Fortscale was set up security entrepreneurs from Israel's noted technology sector, some of whom served in the Israeli Defense Force's Elite Intelligence and Cyber Unit.

Fortscale 1.0 is intended as a complement to traditional business big data solutions, with its security analytics tools layering on top of a platform like Splunk's recently unveiled Enterprise 6 offering and helping IT to identify vulnerabilities quickly, using machine-learning to mimic the way that malicious attackers think and act.

Tendler explained: "Fortscale 1.0 is the first product that was specifically designed to address the most severe challenges of cyber security analysts' teams in commercial enterprises. Its main goal is to turn raw data and logs into valuable intelligence that can be used by security analysts and subsequently by the enterprise's management."

"It is designed to provide the cyber security knowhow required to translate the event and log data collected by big data platforms or traditional SIEM systems into risk based prioritised leads and events. Security analysts can use the product to focus their investigation efforts on the 'hot spots' discovered by the system, expediting lead investigation and threat remediation, as well as verification of alerts," he continued.

Fortscale 1.0 is currently available for qualified beta partners, with a full-scale product launch expected by the end of 2013.