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How companies are dealing with complexities associated with a blade infrastrucure

As part of their move to the cloud, IT organisations must seek inefficiencies in their operations and make a shift to a more agile infrastructure that is flexible enough to adapt to future changes in the business.

The integrated nature of blade server platforms deliver efficiencies in system management, monitoring and provisioning.

This whitepaper from leading industry analyst IDC, which is sponsored by HP, examines how seven enterprises and midsize companies were able to reduce their annual IT compute costs by almost 60 per cent by migrating to blade server platform.

Companies implementing server blades were able to optimise their IT staff resources, reducing operating expenses by well over 60 per cent and freeing up IT staff time for more innovative and valuable initiatives.

The IDC study also demonstrates that virtualising server blades further improves IT infrastructure savings. By deploying a greater number of virtual machines (VMs) per physical server blade, IT organisations are able to further significantly reduce IT infrastructure costs.

Migrating to a blade environment also improves IT availability. Compared to traditional server environments, customers with virtualised blades incurred almost 90 per cent fewer server incidents per year, reducing server downtime hours by the same percentage.

Download and read the whitepaper here.

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