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Canalys: 'Appcessories' set to rock the IT industry

Canalys has given wearables a considerable boost by stating the technology will “rock the IT industry” whilst coining a new term for the new market in the process.

The market research company’s latest forecast looked at the rapidly expanding sector of the technology space and predicted that small app-enabled devices, which they called “appcessories”, are set to see huge growth.

More interestingly, from Canalys’ point of view, is the fact that both consumers and those on the enterprise side of the industry are increasingly favouring the devices.

“By focusing on user experience, app developers have revolutionized how new functionality is brought to market and how behaviour and activity are measured. Enterprise customers have started to exploit this capability across several disciplines, including product design, marketing, customer services and operations, and buying points are changing as a result,” said Tim Shepherd, senior analyst at Canalys.

Appcessories include wearables such as connected wristbands, eyewear, such as Google Glass, and even sensors inside clothing, all of which will hail a new era that sees locations, movement, fitness, health, visual focus, and interest points constantly tracked.

Most of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers are exploring ways to tap into the market for wearables with Samsung already releasing its Galaxy Gear smartwatch at IFA 2013 in Berlin. The smartwatch can be paired with a compatible Samsung smartphone to allow the user to answer and make phone calls as well as send messages, with a large number of apps already developed purely for the Galaxy Gear itself.

Apple is expected to follow suit at some point in the near future after making a couple of key hires in the form of former Nike employees that worked closely on the Fuel Band. As a result Apple is expected to go down the health and fitness route with its wearable technology.