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Deal: £6.49 DVD recorder, £14 Blu-ray Player & £38 Blu-ray recorder

Ebay is where you should head if you want to get an affordable external optical drive for your HTPC project, for your netbook, your Ultrabook or indeed any computer that does't have a DVD writer, a Blu-ray player or a Blu-ray recorder.

A number of no-name vendors are currently selling these for dirt cheap. Online retailer Cigbargain sells a slot-in DVD recorder for a mere £6.49 including delivery, which is extraordinarily low given that it includes delivery as well. You will need two free USB ports in order to power it.

The same vendor also flogs a Blu-ray player (that's right, a Blu-ray player) for £16.78, a price that includes delivery. That's around a third of what's you'd expect from a stand-alone player except this one can read 3D Blu-ray bit can also writer on DVD and CD a well.

If you want a Blu-ray recorder instead, then another retailer sells an external one for a mere £38, one that is compatible with 25GB media as well as 50GB ones.

All three share the same form factor and come with a pair of USB cables but no installation disks.

We strongly advise you to read our standard Tech Deals Pro disclaimer should you have a purchase intent. Tech Deals Pro deals are not sponsored. Instead they are chosen based solely on how good of a bargain they are.

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