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Google Android 4.4 pictures emerge showing new camera UI

Google’s upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat OS has been revealed for the first time with images showing an updated camera interface and various other tweaks.

GSMArena carried the pictures of the new OS with the update also bringing improvements to printing and payments integration that don’t require help from third-party apps.

The payments update means that wireless NFC payments can be handled from within Android without the assistance of third-party applications, which was the case with all past incarnations of Google’s Android OS.

The biggest improvement to the naked eye is the camera user interface [UI] receiving an extensive refresh. After taking a picture users will be able to look at the image as they would on Instagram with previews along the bottom using all the filters that come with Android’s camera app.

In addition to the Instagram-style previews there will be a new print menu that allows the file to be saved as a PDF or sent to a local or network printer. The print menu also has all the usual options relating to paper size, colours, paper orientation and the number of copies.

Google Drive and Keep, the note-taking app, come preloaded with the OS and it will also be the debut of Miracast, which allows the device screen to be broadcast to a supported TV.

Where the camera is concerned, it’s heavily rumoured that the new Nexus 5, which will be one of the first to have Android 4.4 onboard, is going to be the first to have a MEMS camera. MEMS, which stands for microelectromechancial system, will allow ultra-fast focusing as well as Lytro-style focusing that allows the user to refocus a photo following the initial capture.

The Google Nexus 5 is expected to release alongside the latest version of Android on 14 October.