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Splunk Apps website launched at .conf2013 with more than 400 apps

Splunk has revealed a new Splunk Apps website at .conf2013, offering access to more than 400 apps and add-ons intended to help users maximise their investment and "extend the power" of the machine data analytics platform.

More than 100 new apps have been developed for Splunk software this year alone, according to Markus Zirn, vice president of product and solutions management at Splunk.

He added that the app website would provide additional visibility for customers looking to extract even more value from Splunk products, like the recently unveiled Splunk Enterprise 6.

"Apps play a huge role in making Splunk Enterprise the standard for monitoring, analysing and visualising machine data because they make it even easier to gain insights from unique or specialised data," he commented.

Zirn continued: "In addition to the apps that Splunk development teams build and support such as the Splunk App for Enterprise Security and the Splunk App for VMware, hundreds of developers, partners and customers also create apps for Splunk software. Each new app enhances Splunk Enterprise in a different way, ensuring that Splunk customers gain more value as they correlate and analyse more data across the enterprise."

Some of the apps now featured on the Splunk Apps website include the SNMP Modular Input beta, which has been downloaded more than 1,200 times since its release in May. It is used by organisations desiring additional metrics and trigger alerts from machine data sources.

Other notable add-ons that come direct from the Splunk stable include a new version of Splunk App for VMware and an update of the REST API Modular Input programme.

Applications developed by Splunk's independent partners include Datasift Social Data Streams Modular Input and the Pentaho Business Analytics for Splunk Enterprise tool.

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