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Google Chrome 31 Beta gives developers plenty to work with

Google has released the latest version of Chrome Beta with plenty of new tools that will have developers rubbing their hands with glee.

Chrome 31 Beta updates the web browser across both desktop and mobile versions and, for the time being, users won’t see any difference to the experience. The good news is that as time progresses the user experience of the app will improve immeasurably thanks to developers being let loose on the new features.

Developers can now allow Android users to create shortcuts to Chrome apps on the home screen of a smartphone and launch the app in full screen minus the Chrome user interface around the edge by adding a simple meta tag to a website.

In addition to this developers can use a new ‘requestAutocomplete()’ feature to make storing payment information easier. Developers will eventually be able to implement the tool in the Chrome OS so that users can store payment information there. It will then be available at the touch of a screen to any Android or Windows phone or tablet user of the Chrome browser and make it a lot easier to complete payments using the browser.

Additional new features implemented by Google in the update including support for URL handlers and directory access for certain Chrome apps, as well as Portable Native Client support within Chrome.

The first two improvements will add a fair bit of power to Chrome apps and make it simpler to interchange files between apps on Chrome and native apps on a computer or mobile device.

Further improvements made in the Beta update include SCTP for WebRTC, Alpha channel support for WebM video, Speech Recognition with JavaScript Web Speech API, window.devicePixelRatio, Media Source API, and 2D canvas support for the ellipse method.