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Google Android Jelly Bean running on almost half of devices

Android Jelly Bean is running on almost half of all devices capable of handling the Google operating system as the community awaits the upcoming arrival of Android KitKat.

Figures from the Google Android developer blog reveal that 47.1 per cent of devices are running the most recent versions, 4.1 and 4.2, with the number set to drop once KitKat starts slowly rolling out in the coming months.

Jelly Bean surpassed Gingerbread for the first time back in July and the latter now accounts for just 28.5 per cent of installations, a number that continues to fall when customers decide to switch up to a more powerful smartphone.

Lagging behind in third place with 20.6 per cent of installations is Ice Cream Sandwich with Froyo, the earliest version of Android on the published list, installed on a mere 2.2 per cent.

The numbers back in July showed that Jelly Bean was running on 37.9 per cent of devices, Gingerbread on 34.1 per cent, Ice Cream Sandwich on 23.3 per cent and just 3.1 per cent on Froyo.

Android 4.3 KitKat was announced last month and Android device owners can expect it to be released at some point later this month. The exact details on what has been improved have yet to be revealed by Google, but there are plenty of rumours floating around as to what can be expected.

The new OS is likely to come with a payments update that allows wireless NFC transactions to be handled within Android and defeat the need for the assistance of third-party apps.

One of the largest expected improvements is to the camera UI, which could get an extensive refresh including filters that wouldn’t look out of place on Instagram and a print menu that allows the image to be saved as a PDF, or sent to a local or network printer.