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HTC One Max image leak suggests new fingerprint scanner

With endless streams of photos showcasing various new phone features flooding the Internet, it is fair to say that the HTC One Max coverage has been leakier than a swiss cheese rowboat. The latest revelation in this rumour deluge has come from Chinese social network Sina Weibo, and reveals what appears to be a fingerprint scanner.

The images show a prototype of the HTC One Max – the larger brother of the HTC One – with the back of its case removed. Visible is a large black square, nestled between the device’s SIM slot and its camera, which is thought to be the fingerprint reader.

HTC’s addition of a scanner follows Apple's incorporation of the fingerprint-reading technology in the new iPhone 5S. Apple has confirmed its scanner can be used as an extra layer of security when unlocking the phone or authorising Apple Store purchases, and it will be interesting to see if HTC will employ the reader in a similar fashion. Whatever else is revealed, the positioning of the scanner on the back of the case suggests that unlike with the iPhone's thumb-reading software, One Max users will be scanning their forefingers.

As for the rest of the phone’s specs, it’s expected that the 5.9in Full HD device will incorporate a Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and a 3,300mAh battery. The word on the web is that customers can expect UltraPixel camera tech and Android 4.3 too.

Despite the large volume of leaked images, HTC has not officially confirmed the existence of the HTC One Max yet. Still, some have predicted the launch date of the new ‘phablet’ as early as 15 October to join the range of smartphones that include the One Mini.

The news of the latest leaks comes after a tumultuous few weeks for the smartphone manufacturer, after revealing last week its first ever quarterly loss since going public over a decade ago and the announcement that its partnership with Beats Audio is officially over.