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Today's Tech: Google Android Jelly Bean OS spreads rapidly before KitKat release and major investor sues 'misleading' BlackBerry

Android Jelly Bean is running on almost half of all devices capable of handling the Google operating system as the community awaits the upcoming arrival of Android KitKat. Figures from the Google Android developer blog reveal that 47.1 per cent of devices are running the most recent versions, 4.1 and 4.2, with the number set to drop once KitKat starts slowly rolling out in the coming months. Jelly Bean surpassed Gingerbread for the first time back in July and the latter now accounts for just 28.5 per cent of installations, a number that continues to fall when customers decide to switch up to a more powerful smartphone. Lagging behind in third place with 20.6 per cent of installations is Ice Cream Sandwich

Struggling handset-maker BlackBerry was sued recently by one of its top investors, alleging that the company falsely inflated its stock prices through misleading statements about its success and profits. Marvin Pearlstein, an investor, filed a class action lawsuit in a Manhattan federal court on Friday, accusing BlackBerry and its CEO Thorsten Heins of duping investors during a conference call on 27 September. The CEO allegedly claimed that BlackBerry "continues to be a financially strong company", and that the company was "squarely on target with the customers that helped build BlackBerry into the leading brand [it is] today". In the 35-page class action complaint, Pearlstein alleges that he "purchased BlackBerry common stock at an artificially inflated price" due to the comments of Heins and the BlackBerry CFO Brian Bidulka

It seems beyond doubt now that Google and LG are working together on a new Nexus smartphone, after Android Police unearthed the official service manual for the device that is emblazoned with the LG D821 model number. The 281-page document is packed full of diagrams, images, flow charts and technical information that details the nitty-gritty specs of the much-anticipated smartphone. Predictably, just like with any Nexus release, the Nexus 5 seems to have some of the best specs available for any Android smartphone at the moment. Is is allegedly packing a 4.95in 1080p display, an 8-megapixel rear camera, 2GB of RAM and plenty more. Follow the link above for the whole scoop.

State Media revealed this weekend that over 2 million people are employed by China's government to monitor web access. To put that number in perspective, this almost equals the 2.28 million active personnel currently serving in the People's Liberation Army - the largest standing army in the world. The Beijing News reported that the 2-million strong horde of monitors, which Beijing describes as "Internet opinion analysts", are mostly occupied with performing keyword searches and compiling reports of "negative opinions" posted by Internet users. The analysts do not delete the posts, the Beijing daily says, as such tactics merely result in a campaign of reposting and sharing, often leading to greater exposure. Instead, all their findings go into reports that are then handed to illusive and unnamed "clients". One of those clients is the Chinese government.