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A guide to blocking calls, texts and messages in Apple’s iOS 7

Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment, shall we? There are people or companies in our lives whose calls or texts we'd never like to receive again. Never, ever! Unfortunately, the Apple iPhone has lacked basic blocking capabilities since its inception, which is quite perplexing when you think about it.

If you're an Apple user who's ever wanted to ban someone from contacting you via your mobile device, this was undoubtedly a source of much frustration. Fortunately, iOS 7 now lets you block to your heart's content.

iOS 7 now ensures that spammers, unrelenting ex-partners, bill collectors, or other undesirables will never be in your hair again (unless they email or snail mail you, of course).

What’s even better is that iOS 7's blocking abilities aren't limited to inbound calls and text messages. You can use the refreshed OS to block FaceTime and iMessage, too.

Are you ready to learn how to block calls, texts, and messages in iOS 7? Excellent. Read on and we’ll show you exactly how to accomplish this in a few very simple steps.

Remember, applying blocks to calls, texts, and FaceTime or iMessage requires iOS 7. If you're still running iOS 6 you can't take advantage of this new feature, but you can easily update your operating system to iOS 7 by following the instructions in this article.

However, do bear in mind that once you upgrade to iOS 7, you can no longer downgrade back to iOS 6.

Okay, so let's get started on the blocking…

Phone, Messages, or FaceTime

Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone's home screen and scroll down to the Phone, Messages, or FaceTime menu options. Tap one of those options to begin the blocking process.

The Block button

After you tap Phone, Messages, or FaceTime, you arrive at a second screen. Scroll down and tap Blocked.

Add a contact to block

Now you engage in the most satisfying part of this process: Adding a contact to block. It's simple. You begin by tapping Add New.

Select a contact

Tap a contact's name and boom – that person is blocked. You’ll get no more annoying calls or messages from them.

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