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BBC launches new IT initiative to boost coding in UK

The BBC today announced a scheme intended to encourage more UK citizens to take up coding.

Tony Hall, director general of the BBC, said he wants the initiative, which will launch in 2015, to "bring coding into every home, business and school in the UK."

Increasing numbers of government and technology authorities haverecently chosen to express their concerns over what they see as a lack of IT skills in the UK, and inadequate education has shouldered the brunt of the blame.

In a blog post, the BBC said it will predominantly target children and young people, but ultimately wants to stimulate "a national conversation about digital creativity."

"We want to inspire a new generation to get creative with coding, programming and digital technology," said Hall.

The BBC says that it will enforce the scheme in partnership with government educators and technology firms, but precious few further details are as yet known.

Education secretary Michael Gove has already highlighted the teaching of coding in schools as a priority, while according to the BBC, interest in higher education IT is dropping.

"We are going to need a million more people who can work in the technology sector over the next 10 years. We don't have them," said Martha Lane Fox of Go on UK. "We've got to help to encourage young people to go into that sector."

Earlier this week, figures from the Prince's Trust showed that almost 10 per cent of unemployed 15 to 25-year-olds do not possess the basic IT skills necessary to gain employment in a certain field.