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BBC launches programming based music discovery service Playlister

The BBC has announced the launch of a new music discovery service, BBC Playlister, which allows users to save any music they hear on iPlayer to a personal playlist.

The corporation has partnered with Spotify, Youtube and Deezer to then allow users to export and stream their playlists through the music services.

Playlister works through a sign in process, after which, through a simple click, the user can save to a playlist any song they hear on iPlayer and iPlayer Radio when watching programming or listening to radio shows online.

"So, whether it's tracks from Lauren Laverne's Radio 6 Music show, that song playing in the café in EastEnders, or the tune that Anton Du Beke and Fiona Fullerton are dancing to on Strictly Come Dancing, Playlister helps audiences discover and remember more of the music they love from the BBC," the BBC explained.

Full integration with mobile devices via the BBC iPlayer Radio app will be rolled out in the coming months, along with the option to receive hand-picked recommendations from favourited DJs and presenters.

Tony Hall, BBC Director-General said: "BBC Playlister is a wonderful innovation from the BBC that has been designed purely with audience needs in mind. We have a proud musical heritage that dates back to the very beginning of the BBC's history, and over the years we have found many new ways of bringing fantastic music to our viewers and listeners.

"Working with partners such as Spotify, YouTube and Deezer, we will once again transform our audiences' relationship with music and the BBC."

Chris Maples, Spotify's VP of Europe added: "The BBC and Spotify share a passion for offering lovingly curated, great music to music fans, making Spotify a great partner for BBC Playlister.

"Through the BBC Playlister app on Spotify, you can be the first to hear and follow playlists from your favourite DJs, radio stations and TV programmes, and explore a world of hand-picked music content from across the BBC."