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Biggest C-Suite survey ever provides key insights into changing business landscape

Less than one in five companies are using big data to identify new products and services, whilst 63 per cent of CEOs want to increase partnering, and 64 per cent of CMOs want to approach customers as individuals.

These are just three of the findings included in IBM's latest C-Suite study. The most comprehensive of its kind ever produced, it provides an exclusive insight into how top executives see the business landscape changing.

IBM's Institute for Business Value recently carried out over 4000 face-to-face interviews with top business executives across a range of industries and functions. In the report, these leaders provide an in depth perspective on key opportunities and challenges that their organisations are facing.

The study explores how executives across the C-Suite are working together to identify and exploit new possibilities in a world that is being transformed by data, speed and immediacy.

Further findings include that 40 per cent of organisations are integrating internal and external data to gain deeper insights, whilst 69 per cent of execs say creating a consistent experience across all customer contact points is one of their top initiatives.

Six key roles were addressed in the 2013 survey: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Supply Chain Officer.

The report is available for download now and will be supplemented over the coming few months with dedicated findings examining the challenges that are confronting each individual role.