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Britons lose 5.5 days a year waiting for slow computers and files

Slow moving computers, laptops and programmes cost British people five-and-a-half days a year, whilst one in three say the inconvenience is enough to put them in a bad mood for the whole day.

Furthermore 29 per cent of Britons questioned went as far as stating that they lost sleep over the problem, according to new research.

The study, commissioned by flash storage firm SanDisk, questioned over 8,000 people across the world about their desktop and laptop performance.

Of all countries, Italy fared the worst for slow moving machines, with Italians facing on average nearly seven wasted days a year waiting for computers. The US meanwhile had the lowest average at less than five days lost days.

The most common cause of delay in the UK was waiting for files to download or upload, whilst in second place was applications which take a long time to load. Computer startup time did not feature prominently.

"It's high time PC users in the UK started getting back the time they are losing to slow computers," said SanDisk's Stefan Kratzer.

"PC users in the UK are spending too much time waiting for computers and would quite understandably like to get more time back to do the things they enjoy."

The study also found Germans the biggest offenders when it came to throwing or stamping on a electronic device through frustration, with nearly one in five Britons following suit.

American and Chinese nationals meanwhile came out as the least likely to attack their gadgets.