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Latest Google Glass update introduces live public transport info for commuters

Google has called for city dwellers to “rejoice” at the latest monthly update to its Glass project, XE10, which gives travellers the option to see live public transport directions and updates when wearing the device.

The Internet giant hopes that users plugged in to its Android MyGlass app will be blown away by Transit’s apparent ability to revolutionise their commute. From the home screen, users who have paired Glass to their Android phones need only say “OK Glass, get directions to…” and the device will display directions by whatever method was last used to navigate to a specific destination. If you wish to switch transport methods, you can tap the directions card and swipe until you see Transit.

Unfortunately for iOS users, the fact that the Transit feature is currently only available to Glass travellers who have paired their device with their Android phone means that they will be forced to navigate public transport the old fashioned way for the moment - though the likelihood of a similar feature being introduced for iPhones is high.

The news is also of little use to those who commute by car, after the Department for Transport banned motorists from wearing Google headsets whilst driving.

In addition to Transit, the XE10 update also answers users’ calls for the ability to tap to select links in notifications. If you wish to visit links sent in tweets, texts or emails, you can now tap on the card and select “View Site” to pull it up quite literally before your eyes.

Another nifty new feature comes in the form of avatars in messages and comments. When interacting with others through the messaging interface, you will now be able to see the profile pictures of those you’re conversing with in the background.

The XE10 update is considerably smaller than last month’s XE9 release in terms of groundbreaking changes - the XE9 removed the need for data tethering, introduced Vignette sharing, Sound Search, Google Now cards, Reminder cards and many more – but is still a big step forward that is sure to resonate with prospective Glass owners who have exploration on their minds.