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Sharp reveals that 32in 4K IGZO monitor will offer full Mac OS X support

Japanese electronics manufacturer Sharp has announced that its 32in 4K touchscreen monitor will have drivers that offer full Mac OS X support.

While the monitor is designed primarily for use in retail and business, this could potentially open the door to touchscreen Ultra HD TVs being used in the home.

Sharp predicts that OS X drivers for the TV will be available to download within the next one-to-two months. The company describes the 4K Ultra HD touchscreen as "an easy-to-use interactive digital signage solution that pleases the eye and engages the customer."

The monitor, which was released over the weekend, is 36mm thin, with a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel IGZO LCD panel, and has full stylus support. It includes a series of infrared sensors that help to detect the position of users' fingers with speed and precision.

Sharp demonstrated the panel at CES earlier this year, but revelations about its OS X intentions have caused something of a stir.

Some users have dismissed the statement as nothing more than a gimmick. There is a common perception that widescreen displays are unfeasible for consumer use, and that using the device for protracted periods would result in extreme arm fatigue.

One user of commented that "not every idea from Minority Report is worth creating."

The news comes after LG revealed a demo unit of its own 84in HDTV in April of this year. Sharp recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary, but 2012 was also the year in which it posted the worst financial record in the company's history, announcing sweeping job cuts after making a massive loss of 375 billion yen (£2.92 billion).

Apple is so far unavailable for comment.

Image: Flickr (nodomain1)