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Toshiba introduces new fleet of business class laptops

Toshiba today updated its business class laptops, unveiling the Toshiba Portege Z30, Tecra Z40, Tecra Z50, Tecra W50 portable workstation, and Portege R30 laptops. These systems run the gamut from the ultraportable Z30 all the way up to the Nvidia Quadro powered W50.

The Portege Z30, Tecra Z40, and Tecra Z50 are all part of the same family of enterprise-class laptops, with full-sized LED backlit keyboards and dual pointing devices. The 13.3-inch Portege Z30 is 0.7 inches thin and weighs in at 1.18kg, the 14-inch Tecra Z40 and 15.6-inch Tecra Z50 are both 0.8 inches thin and come in at 1.45kg and 1.77kg, respectively.

All three can use the same disk image, allowing IT managers to support and administer three different form factors simultaneously. All three also share the same desktop docking system and AC adapters for ease of maintenance and support. The Z40 and Z50 have options for Nvidia GT 730M discrete graphics and more drive options, including spinning hard drives and SSDs.

The Portege Z30 starts at $1,279 (£797), while the Tecra Z40 and Z50 start at $1,229 (£766). The Z30 and Z30 will be available on 18 October, with the Z50 following at the end of November.

The Tecra W50 is Toshiba's new mobile workstation, with options for up to an Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia Quadro workstation-class graphics. The Tecra W50 comes with a 15.6-inch 1080p display, can be configured with up to 32GB of system memory, Nvidia Quadro KK2100M graphics, and still starts at 2.7kg. The Tecra W50 has a $1,999 (£1245) starting price and will be available on 18 October.

Last, but not least, Toshiba has the Portege R30, a 13.3-inch ultraportable with a 4th-generation Intel Core M processor, up to 16GB of memory, and up to either a 750GB hard drive or 512GB SSD. The Portege R30 is notable because it comes with an optical drive, full sized HDMI and Ethernet, and still comes in at 1.45kg. The Portege R30 shares docking and power adapters with the other Toshiba business laptops and claims all-workday battery life. The Portege R30 will be available at the end of November 2013.