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Apple iPad Mini tipped to storm Christmas sales charts

Apple’s iPad Mini is set to smash the Christmas sales charts with one of the UK’s largest retailers predicting that it will be the best selling technology product this festive season.

John Lewis put Apple’s smaller tablet top of its list of the projected top 10 bestsellers in the tech space with rival tablets from Samsung and Google inside the top five and reinforcing the view that this Christmas will be dominated by tablets.

"There’s been so much development in the tablet market over the past few years that we see this Christmas as the time when many tablet-users will see fit to upgrade their earlier models,” Adam Brown, a tablet and telecoms buyer for John Lewis told The Daily Telegraph. “We have seen big developments in the tablet market this year, with models like the Samsung Galaxy challenging the iPad's top spot and growing its market share."

John Lewis has dubbed 2013 the “year of the big upgrade” due to the fact that Samsung and Google have both released an updated slate and Apple looks set to join them in unveiling a new version of the iPad Mini.

A new iPad Mini being out before Christmas, however, is by no means a certainty and rumour has it the new device will be in short supply due to problems sourcing retina displays for the tablet.

As far as specifications go, the device could have one of Apple's new A7 chips with an M7 coprocessor to go along with the new retina display and might even have a fingerprint scanner.

The new iPad Mini could see a release later this month alongside the anticipated arrival of the iPad 5, which is expected to look remarkably similar to the iPad Mini apart from the size of the screen being larger.

Apple’s iPad Mini came top of John Lewis’ predicted top 10 selling tech for Christmas 2013 with the remainder of the list playing out as follows: