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Five considerations for putting your development/test environment in the cloud

Because of relatively low barriers to entry and short time to value, many enterprises are choosing application development and testing projects as their initial steps into cloud computing. The elasticity and scalability of cloud delivery models—public, private, managed or some combination of the three—lend themselves to the changing demands and time-sensitive nature of application development and testing (especially in teams adopting agile delivery) and can therefore significantly improve the dev/test process.

Organizations that take their first step toward leveraging cloud computing with dev/test projects discover that they can explore the advantages of the cloud while provisioning a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to create and validate applications.

Consider: Developers today need environments for creating applications that can meet increasingly rigorous and dynamic demands. Dev/test projects are typically under tight time constraints, because enterprises are demanding new and enhanced applications to help create business opportunities, improve operations and increase productivity.

The dev/test environments required to create compelling applications tend to be complex, especially due to the composite nature of today's applications. They are subject to rapidly changing requirements and are often costly to manage, due to the scarcity of resources. They may have low utilization rates and don't always accurately reflect the production environment in which applications are deployed.

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