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SecurEnvoy aims to banish "stuffphobia" with One Swipe system

SecurEnvoy has launched a new security solution that makes it easier for remote work to be carried out and it aims to reduce clutter carried around by workers.

One Swipe turns a mobile phone or smart device into a “multi-functional authentication device” that can be swiped in front of a computer screen to log on and work remotely.

“Mobile phones are already used for everything from sending emails to checking a bank balance, meaning they are the perfect devices in which to incorporate two factor authentication technology. There is the additional advantage that people have a strong attachment to their phone and therefore already have an incentive to keep it safe and always to hand,” said Steve Watts, co-founder of SecurEnvoy.

The new technology, from a company that specialises in two-factor authentication, works by sending a PIN code by SMS, email or voice call to the device. Once the code has been entered on the device the user is then given a one-time QR code that can be scanned onto a computer or laptop using a webcam and gives the user added peace of mind if it ever comes to recovering details.

“This technology can banish the frustration that arises from realising you’ve lost your hardware token or grabbed the wrong one from the pile. One Swipe with one device allows users to securely gain access to their system and prevents remote workers from losing valuable time. “Stuffphobia” is a real issue to many and one that the One Swipe solution will overcome,” Watts added.

Another novel factor introduced by SecurEnvoy is allowing One Swipe to be used even if mobile phone reception isn’t available and as long as the combination of device and passcode is right it will give the user access wherever they are in the world.

The new technology is being unveiled at it-sa in Germany later this week with attendees invited to see how the company is tackling “Stuffphobia”.

Jamie Hinks

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