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Using social media analytics to give your business the edge

Much has been said about the growth of social media — its multiple channels and the enormous scope of its content and subject matter. Social media seems to offer something for everyone. With the proliferation of mobile devices, social media is available everywhere and its impact is immediate. One need look no further than the daily headlines to see that what began as an innocuous technology trend only a few short years ago has become a powerful instrument of social change.

In the business world, social media is now a powerful marketing tool that seems to find new uses and new users with each passing day. It can be deployed to share news from a corporate event on a near real-time basis, or create a buzz about a great new product within minutes of its launch. Or it can be used to share the details of an unpleasant experience with customer service just as fast.

This white paper will examine the role social media can play in presenting a more strategic view of customer data and how the right combination of technologies can deliver insight to help companies more effectively meet perpetually shifting consumer demands expressed through, and influenced by, these dynamic communication channels.

To learn more about how your organization can make customer insights actionable using social media analytics download this whitepaper below.

Image: Flickr (Infocux Technologies)