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Cracking complex security challenges with big data

Information, an essential asset in virtually all organisation, requires careful attention and robust processes to ensure it delivers the accuracy and quality needed to reliably support business decision-making; our benchmark research identified this imperative as the top business driver for information management among organisations today. Information arising from multiple sources must be integrated and governed to ensure it is a trusted source and in compliance with internal policies and external regulations and legislation.

This process of the integration and governance of information provides a framework that incorporates acquisition, organisation, control and use of information to create and enhance business value. It is an important undertaking; our research shows that three-quarters (75 per cent) of organizations view it as necessary to improve their current information management efforts. Managing large volumes and varieties of data received at rapid velocity - colloquially known as big data - poses unprecedented challenges in this area.

To learn more about how your organisation can expand information architectures to support today's data, download this whitepaper below.