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'Space grey' Apple iPad 5 slimmed down in new high quality leaked photos

Leaks showcasing various features of next-generation iPad hardware have been flooding in of late, but up until now the quality of the images released has been relatively low. The latest photos that have popped up on the web, courtesy of Sonny Dickson, show a new, slimmer and most importantly 'space grey'-er iPad 5.

Posted on his blog, the Australian-based Apple fanboy has revealed 75 detailed photos of the new device from all angles, including the casing and stripped back interior. The sleek silver colouring matches the space grey colour made available for the iPhone 5S, and considering Dickson leaked images of a gold iPad mini 2 last week, it would seem Apple intends to inject some aesthetic continuity between its tablet and smartphone ranges.

Dickson, who claims that he received the images from sources in China, is usually pretty on point when it comes to discovering accurate information and photos of as yet unreleased gadgetry.

The leak follows a series of rumours surrounding the iPad release, including pictures of a ribbon cable which is reportedly a component of a fingerprint sensor, and a sleeker, slimmer body.

Either way, the validity of the images should be proven later this month when Apple holds its alleged iPad event and reveals all – in the meantime, stay tuned with the team here for up-to-date information and have a read of our iPad 5 event rumours for a bit of background reading before things really kick off.

Image Credit: Sonny Dickson