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Apple reportedly soon to launch in store iPhone upgrade scheme

Apple is set to bring its iPhone upgrade programme to the UK in the coming weeks, allowing customers to trade in their old iPhone models to get a 5S or 5C at a discounted price.

After launching the policy in the US in August, UK staff have now been briefed on the scheme, sources have told 9to5Mac.

Once its up and running, anyone with an older iPhone model will be able to hand the phone in at a Apple store and get credit towards buying a new one.

Apple already has an online scheme offering a similar service for iPhone, iPads and Macs, with any monetary value being paid into the seller's bank account.

Along with Apple, sites such as Envirofone and Mazuma, as well as all the major networks and high street phone shops now offer to buy your old phone.

Unlike the flexibility offered by online services though, the US Apple scheme requires customers to use the credit towards a new iPhone there and then. Whether as a result of this, in the UK, the in store programme will offer a better deal than online services, remains to be seen.

Apple has similar scheme for iPods for which customers can take their old device into a store to be recycled and get just 10 per cent off a new one.

Online, Apple also offers to take any phone of your hands in Britain and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way, but doesn't give any payment.