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Asda to offer 3D printed ceramic ‘mini me’ in store

Following Maplin's release of the first consumer 3D printer, Asda is trailing a new service that allows anyone to have a miniature figure of themselves created through the technology.

The service is launching first in the York store with prices starting at £40 for an 8in figure.

During a shop, consumers will be given the opportunity to have every detail of themselves scanned using special cameras.

The scanning process takes just two minutes, and the images are then sent off to a 3D printing factory, where the figurine will be created by spraying ceramic fluid in thin layers to build a solid object.

As well as people, Asda says anything can be scanned including pets and "even cars". The models can be finished in full colour, white or a bronze effect.

"The technology produces highly realistic 'mini me' figurines at whatever scale you like!" Asda said in a blog post.

"Evolving well beyond simply filling frames with photographs of friends and family, 3D printed 'mini me' figures will add a whole new dimension to shoppers' mantelpieces and the lifelike models are also expected to be popular as personalised wedding cake toppers," said Asda.

"This truly is innovation without limits and Asda hopes to be the first retailer to offer this service nationwide."

Maplin launched its consumer 3D printer, the Velleman K8200 in July, the first high street retailer to make the technology available for purchase in store.