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Google TV: Rumours of Android TV rebrand

Google TV is being rebranded under the Android umbrella with the hope it will help to establish it as a centrepiece of living rooms and continue to challenge the growing band of Internet-connected Smart TVs.

Google, which hasn’t confirmed the move, will ditch the Google TV moniker with an executive from a consumer electronics company that produces Google TV devices confirming to GigaOM “they are calling it ‘Android TV’”.

The rumours of a name change have gained further traction with the fact that many recent hardware launches made by consumer electronics firms have seen them deliberately drop Google TV wording in favour of other similar statements.

At the launch of Sony’s Bravia TV stick Jamie Marsh, TV marketing manager for Sony, stated that the device “brings the full power of Google service to your TV” and LG took a similar stance by adding that its new Android devices would have access to “the latest Google services for TV”.

The company’s own Google TV engineers are also dropping the brand and Android TV is mentioned in online biographies as opposed to Google TV as well as an “Android TV Developer Day” being organised.

Google TV was first launched back in October 2010 with a number of devices created by Sony and Logitech available at launch and the list has now grown to include the likes of LG, Samsung and Asus.

It didn’t arrive in the UK until July 2012 with the second-generation version going head-to-head with Apple TV at the time with the Sony NSZ-GS7 offering Google TV priced at £200.

Since then the service has grown and Google’s popular Chromecast dongle is its latest attempt to capture a piece of the growing Internet connected television market that is currently dominated by any number of Smart TVs.