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How to incorporate mobile commerce in your multi-channel strategy

The number of mobile web sites, mobile applications and mobile applications stores are growing at a staggering pace. By the end of 2010, consumers will have downloaded almost 6 billion mobile apps; up from 2.4 billion in 2009 (Mobile Applications Market Data, ABI Research, April 2010). This rapid adoption of mobile applications is being fuelled by the increasing selection, brands, capabilities and storage capacity of smart phones, which had a 20 per cent sales growth in 2009.

Consumers are upgrading their ordinary phones to Internet enabled smartphones to make use of the new capabilities offered by mobile applications. Retailers are trying to meet customer demands for information and services, and seek opportunities to generate additional sales across all the channels; at the same time, they need to also understand the value and cost among mobile commerce implementation options, and determine how to best link new mobile initiatives to their overall customer strategy to avoid disjointed mobile efforts.

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