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MonkeyTail aims to send tablet-strain swinging

Octa has come up with a novel way to reduce the strain associated with holding tablets and e-readers by adding a tail to allow tablets to be used at any angle.

The TabletTail: Monkey Kit allows tablets or e-readers to stand up hands-free by adding a flexible tail attached to a powerful vacuum dock that is compatible with all generations of the iPad as well as many other tablets and e-readers.

The innovation comes in two parts with the vacuum dock clinging on to the back of the tablet or e-reader using five pumps. The MonkeyTail is then attached to this and the end of it can be manoeuvred to satisfy a number of situations.

Its makeup allows the MonkeyTail to be wrapped around headsets, handles, and even legs in order to allow usage to be as comfortable as possible. The flexible metal spine is encased in “grippy silicon” that makes it smooth and the swivel base attached to the MonkeyTail can be rotated 360 degrees for easy screen adjustment.

The product is attempting to benefit from the complaints that many have had in the past when it comes to the repetitive strain injury and other related problems that tablet PCs and e-readers can cause.

In the last two years Ergolab author, Cyndi Davis, stated that “it is very challenging finding a comfortable body posture why using the iPad”, and that using one for long periods of time is not recommended.

Tablet PC sales have been booming in recent years with analysts predicting that sales will outstrip those of traditional PCs and laptops in 2015. IDC has projected that shipments will grow 58.7 per cent in 2013 year-on-year to reach 229.3 million units.

For the time being the new gadget is exclusively available at Square within Selfridges and went on sale earlier today at £49.99 with online availability coming in the near future.