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'Blue screen of death' plaguing Apple iPhone 5S users

A number of iPhone 5S owners are reporting that their new smartphones are displaying the feared "blue screen of death" (BSOD) after using certain apps, and then launching into a reboot.

The glitch appeared to primarily affect those using Apple's Numbers, Pages, or Keynote apps, but others saw the BSOD while using FaceTime, Safari, the camera, and other apps.

In videos posted to YouTube (like the one above), the BSOD lasts only a second or two before the screen goes black, and the Apple logo appears, signifying a reboot.

"If I open a document in Numbers, then press the power button, the phone seems to power itself off almost instantly instead of just going to sleep," one user wrote on the Apple forums last month.

"I am having the same problem myself when using the pages app to open my saved resume and then trying to email it to someone," another 5S owner chimed in. "If i do that then go to open the notes app that I have a typed message I want to copy and paste in the same email, as soon as I paste it in the email the screen goes blue and restarts."

"I have a feeling this is just a glitch that apple needs to correct not something from a corrupt backup that we installed from our old phones," he continued. "Most of us seem to be having the same issue with the same apps. I hope this is fixed soon."

Reports have piled up though, with a recent note from someone who had not opened iWork apps on his 5S, but still experienced the BSOD.

"Now is stuck on the loading screen!!! wont boot up!! Sad for me since I got my 5S just today and its already completely unusable!" he lamented.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This is not the only problem some people have been encountering with their iDevices recently. The iOS 7 update prompted some battery-drain issues for some users, while others have had trouble using iMessages.