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Cooler Master CM 690 III preview: Bigger and better

The Cooler Master CM 690 is a popular desktop chassis that we've seen a couple iterations of. Now there's a third edition, so how does the CM 690 III compare to its predecessors and the competition?

The CM 690 has come in many flavours. The CM 690 II had 'lite', 'Advanced' and 'Window' versions. The more affordable ones would typically have fewer cooling options. The CM 690 II Advanced was one of our personal favourites, with a great combination of price, ease of use and effective cooling. Hardware.Info readers granted Cooler Master the best chassis award in several different years.

Since the introduction of the CM 690 II, chassis have become wider and there is now more space reserved for hiding cables. Hard disk cages can now (partially) be removed or shifted, and space has been reserved for 2.5in storage devices (such as SSDs). And of course silence is a goal, with better and quieter fans and sound-proofing measures.

So there was plenty to add or change on the CM 690 II, and we were eager to test the CM 690 III. It exists with and without side windows. Our test model was the version without, which instead features a large grille. The windowed version is slightly more expensive, at about £76.

The Cooler Master CM 690 II and the new 690 III look a lot alike. The mesh in the front has stayed there, along with the chrome strips on both sides of the front panel. You can read rest of the Cooler Master CM 690 III preview on