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Gold Apple iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 in leaked images

Apple’s new iPad and iPad Mini are expected to come in the same colourways as the iPhone 5S with a leaked image all but confirming the existence of a third colour – gold.

CTech released a vague image showing the rear of a device with both devices expected to sport the golden hue that surrounds the familiar Apple logo ahead of the expected release later this month.

The addition of a leaked gold colourway goes with the images of silver and space grey iPads already leaked and means the devices will follow the same colour pattern as the recently released high-spec iPhone 5S.

It’s widely rumoured that Apple will unveil the fifth-generation iPad and second-generation iPad Mini at a launch event on 22 October with the two devices set to lay siege to the busy pre-Christmas sales period.

The iPad 5 is expected to be a trifle slimmer than previous incarnations and will be similar in size to the iPad Mini with the screen size kept the same but the width slimmed down from 18.5cm to 17cm. Earlier rumours have also stated the volume buttons will be split apart, the speakers moved to the bottom of the tablet and there will be an additional microphone on the back.

Under the hood comes a powerful A7 64-bit processor that is supplemented by an M7 co-processor with the device sporting the same retina display as the previous itineration.

The iPad Mini 2, meanwhile, will be the first one to come with a retina display and the fact this is being included could mean the device being in short supply around Christmas with talk it is having trouble sourcing the displays.

There are also strong rumours that both devices will feature the fingerprint scanner technology that was first implemented in the recently released iPhone 5S and will provide an extra layer of authentication.