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Google preparing mobile feedback rewards scheme

Google is preparing to reward customers that allow the company to install apps that specifically monitor mobile usage as it continues its Screenwise feedback program.

The company confirmed to Engadget that “Mobile Meter” apps are in development for both Android and iOS that are able to allow Google to collect data on app usage and web browsing habits.

Sources quoted by the same site stated the apps will collect data on a purely voluntary basis and customers will have to opt in to the program before being able to download and use the app.

The data collected from the panellists taking part is likely to be completely anonymous and will thus prevent any problems with sensitive information being made public.

Google stated the apps are part of its Screenwise research project that started last year and the new apps are simply there to complement the older methods currently in place. It’s expected the new “Mobile Meter” apps will allow it to accurately measure consumption across a range of different sized mobile devices.

The apps will be submitted to the two app stores in the near future with only panellists able to obtain them. Google added that there isn’t currently an open call for analysts but that it regularly recruits panellists to work on projects such as this with compensation varying depending on the nature of the project.

The Screenwise program, mentioned earlier, was the first time Google rewarded customers for feedback, which was in the form of search history results. Users were persuaded to install a Chrome browser extension with reports stating that Google paid $100 [£63] upon registration followed by $20 [£12.50] a month for those that agreed to use it for the whole year.

Compensation details for the “Mobile Meter” project are likely to be unveiled in due course with no indication as to whether it will be the same as Screenwise or slightly different.

Image Credit: Flickr (Ed Yourdon)