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IP EXPO 2013 preview: 5 things you don't want to miss

IP EXPO is the UK's number one enterprise IT event, bringing you everything you need to know about IT under one roof.

For just two days, IP EXPO brings together high profile industry speakers from around the world providing valuable insights and thought-provoking keynotes sprawling over 280 sessions. Throw into the mix 250 industry-leading exhibitors from across the technological spectrum and all the specially-created networking spaces you could ask for, and you have an IT professional's dream.

In preparation for the event, we've broken down five of the most must-see events happening at IP EXPO, so you can make sure to get the most out of your two days.

1. Kevin Mitnick's day one keynote

Mitnick (right) was once the most-wanted computer criminal in the United States, and served time in 1988 for hacking and corporate espionage. He went on the run when he hacked into the computers of the Pacific Bell telephone company during his parole, and hacked dozens of networks while he was a fugitive. He frightened authorities so much, police convinced a judge that he had the ability to "start a nuclear war by whistling into a pay phone". Now he's a poacher turned gamekeeper turned author turned security consultant, and he'll be speaking to us at IP EXPO about hacking through social engineering and exploiting vulnerabilities in operating systems and telecommunications devices. Mitnick will also touch on contentious issues surrounding the NSA PRISM scandal. Definitely not one to miss.

2. The Futures Den

Developed in partnership with global enterprise startup awards competition Tech Trailblazers, this unique community space is dedicated to the most promising early stage IT ventures.It includes a dedicated 'education area' where startup entrepreneurs will be delivering five- to seven-minute lightning presentations showing us how they overcame their initial challenges, and showcasing their innovative technologies. There will also be a number of informal panel debates, focusing on the challenges facing UK startups – including everything from marketing and finance, to human resources. If you're interested in getting a foot in the door of business, this is definitely a place to swing by.

3. The ITProPortal lounge

A visit to this year's IP EXPO wouldn't be complete without swinging by to say hello to the team behind ITProPortal. We'll be shifting our whole operation down to Earls Court for the day, so make sure you catch up with our knowledgeable, attractive and modest young writers.

4. Mike Schutz's day two keynote

The second day of the expo will kick off with a talk by Microsoft general Manager Mike Schutz. Since this coincides with the international release of Windows 8.1, this will be a glimpse of a high-up member of a multinational on one of its biggest days of the year. Schutz is going to run us through Microsoft's Cloud OS, using Aston Martin as an example. Somehow. I don't know about you, but I'm curious.

5. The Amazon Web Services Lab

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the main sponsors for this year's IP EXPO - the first time AWS has sponsored a UK event. At the show, the company will be hosting a partner area and education programme, the Amazon Web Services Lab, which will give attendees a unique opportunity to meet experts from one of the world's best-known cloud providers. The Amazon Web Services Lab will host a full programme of business, technical and live demo sessions, plus a full seminar lineup that will focus on demonstrating how the company's range of cloud-based services, compute and networking, database, storage, CDN, deployment, management and application services, can help businesses become more agile, save money and better serve their customers.

Enjoy the show, but if you can't make it for whatever reason, be sure to follow all the action from the main keynotes and seminars via the IP EXPO 2013 live stream.