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IP EXPO 2013: Businesses need a "cultural change" around cloud services

Today at IP EXPO we spoke to Kevin Linsell, Head of Service Development for Adapt, about cloud services, desktop as a service, and where next for his company. Before cloud services can fully take over the market, he says, there has to be a shift in corporate culture.

"Cloud is not groundbreaking," Linsell told us. "It's been around for a couple of years now. But a cultural change has to take place before companies can take their hands off it, to actually trust a third party to deliver that service for them."

"A CFO can often see the benefit, but it's those responsible for security, governance and ultimately IT working and supporting the business that can be slow to accept it."

But what are those benefits?

"Mobility is the key one, for many," said Kevin. "Time-to-fix is another. And the usual catch-all of the BYOD environment."

And thanks to cloud services, "no longer do they have those big fork-lift upgrades that caused challenges for the IT budget."

Businesses are starting to come round to his way of thinking. Demand for cloud services has skyrocketed in recent years, but Linsell's confident about the ability of Adapt to respond to the rapidly growing industry.

"We're continuing to invest in more of everything we need to put in the data centres... we're making sure there's always infrastructure on the floor before the customer needs it. We're always forward-planning and forward-forecasting."

Linsell said that Adapt is greatly concerned with maintaining the security of its clients' data. Adapt's data centres "are TF3 grade data centres or higher, have UK-based staff, and the relevant ISO accreditations." Business managers will be thankful for that, since "healthy paranoia is a good thing in the security world."

Still, Adapt doesn't claim to have a silver bullet for data security.

"No matter where you're choosing to put that data, you're going to have to audit that, vet that, and we absolutely welcome the customer to come visit the centres, see the security of the centres, see how their data's handled, see the accreditations and talk to the staff who are supporting them."

Customers, he said, "can never completely hand off that requirement for security to us. We're only a part of their business, so we need to fit with them and understand which bits of security we're responsible for. Encryption of data at rest, for example. They need to choose their standard of encryption, and where they want their keys held."

For more on what's going down at Earls Court 2 this week, make for our IP EXPO 2013 preview and be sure to follow the ITProPortal IP EXPO live blog throughout the event, which is the UK's number one IT showcase.

You should also be sure to visit the exclusive lounge, which can be found at stand V60 right next to the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud area.

Enjoy the show, but if you can't make it for whatever reason, you can follow all the action from the main keynotes and seminars via the IP EXPO 2013 live stream.

Image: Flickr (elche71)