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Akamai reports 54% rise in DDoS attacks

Distributed denial of service [DDoS] attacks are on the up with Akamai’s latest report on the condition of the global Internet showing China has been knocked off its perch as the top perpetrator.

Akamai’s report showed that Indonesia is now the number one perpetrator of malicious traffic with a spike from 21 per cent to 38 per cent of the global total in Q2 2013. China had to settle for second place with 33 per cent of the total and the US took third spot with 6.9 per cent.

Even though China’s number dropped by one per cent, the two top countries made up over two thirds of attack traffic worldwide. The US, meanwhile, saw its number drop from 8.3 per cent last quarter to 6.9 per cent this time around.

DDoS attacks rose sharply in the second quarter with Akamai reporting that its customers had informed it of 318 attacks in the three month period – a jump of 54 per cent compared with the 208 reported in the previous quarter.

The Enterprise sector continues to suffer from the highest number of DDoS attacks with 134 reported followed by Commerce [91 attacks], Media & Entertainment [53], High Tech [23] and Public Sector [17].

Akamai’s report also delved into the growth of Internet penetration on a global basis with speeds rising at a fast pace compared with the last report. High broadband, defined as greater than 10Mbps, saw adoption rise 14 per cent worldwide compared with the previous quarter.

"The Second Quarter, 2013 State of the Internet Report notes some significant milestones and trends, including the fact that half of all connections to Akamai occurred at speeds of 4 Mbps or higher, a 25 percent increase since the first quarter of 2012," David Belson, the report's editor added.

In addition average connection speeds experienced an upturn from 3.1Mbps to 3.3Mbps with global average connection speeds showing an increase of 17 per cent.